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Tirumular The living consciousness

Tamil research scholars and Saivite research experts found the Tirumular’s time and his contribu tion of Tirumantiram with the supporting documents from Oriental Research Institute and Library Thiru vananthapuram, Govern ment Oriental Manuscript library Chennai, Thajavur Saraswathi Mahal library, French national library (Bibliotheque nationale de France) Paris, French Institute of Pondicherry and Tamilnadu saivite mutt libraries. But here we never refer or authenticate the time and century of Tirumular, because the Tirumular consciousness still revolves in galaxy. Tirumular clearly docu mented in a hymn that his name was Sundaraanathar in his pre-birth. He felt deep meditation and trance in many decades under the holy feet of Aathi yogi, the creator in the space of Sivakalam, done penance, received many cosmic communications.

Later in his spiritual journey to Tamil Nadu, Sunda raanathar is transmigrated as Mulan and he reached Thiruvavuduthurai where he did penance under peepal tree and attained trance and cosmic bliss. Through his deep medita tion, he went beyond galaxy and found the “Orion-con stellation as God’s kingdom by astral-travel. He received many cosmic secrets and documented them “Satha siva-aagamam or Thiru mantira maalai” in Tamil, later named Tirumantiram. By his inner journey, Tirumular found his own experience that God resides within every human in the name of SIVA, Nanthi, Nathan, Aathma and the God’s particle. It is believed by many enlightened sages, that after the compilation of Holy Tirumantiram, Tirumu lar reached Chidambaram and merged with dancing Sivathere. Tamil Sittha-man dalam is ever living cosmic consciousness in galaxy where Tirumular is the spiritual emperor.