Tirumular & Tirumantiram

Tirumular & Tirumantiram

Though Tirumantiram is written in Tamil by Tirumular, it is the subject to global citizen. In ancient times, Tirumantiram inscribed in palmyra leaf in Tamil language, was original manuscript, copied and preserved by Tamilians. Later thru printing technology, various versions of Tirumantiram are published so far. One can read and understand the Tirumantira hymn with comments given by the contemporary commentators. But Tirumantiram is the higher spiritual knowledge which has more subtle hidden meaning than commentary. It consists of 3000 holy hymns, received by Tirumular in his deep samadhi state. The simple reading of Tirumantira hymn will not give us the essence, but the quest about Tirumular and Tirumantiram with deep meditation, is required to go further.

Tirumular clearly documented in a hymn that his name was Sundaraanathar in his pre-birth. He felt deep meditation and trance in many decades under the holy feet of Aathi yogi, the creator in the space of Sivakalam, done penance, received many cosmic communications.

Tirumular deciphers the truth that Akashic records have registered all past, present and future events. Meditation is the main door to enter. One-clan and One-God is the main core. The oneness remains subtle in the form of great holy light from earth to entire universe. The vertical spinal-cord is the great gift to human beings to receive the cosmic communications from the Akashic records in padmasana yoga posture. It may lead to the micro-macro link in deep meditation. The spiritual seekers can read them and may go to astral-travel by prescribed Tirumular’s yogic principles.

Tirumular further declares that human body is the real temple. Through proper breathing exercises, one can preserve the valuable life and body. Pranayamam will endure life forever. The astral travel to various galaxies and beyond the universe is possible to Tirumular disciples if they follow his subtle methodology and they can feel and see the holy aliens in their meditative astral travel.

Breath is the main core and gives the vital energy to all human to survive. The constant circulation of inhaling and exhaling in human body is the core dance which resembles the cosmic function and connects the micro-macro link. The total universal energy is the combination of positive and negative forces that denotes in Thiruvambala chakkaram. The entire universe is expanding itself day-by-day and another side depleted living particles, stars, and planets all are absorbed by the rotating cosmic pillar, the Black-hole. And another side of Black-hole is white-hole which helps the creation, Tirumular witnessed it in deep meditative state.

Tirumantiram further talks about human body, the breath, secrecy of semen, breathing during sexual copulation, gynecological secrecy, soul within body, its size, mind and its expansion with universe, aathma and its wisdom. Tirumular clearly states where souls travel for classifications or the reaching destination. Finally, he confirms that Orion constellation is the place of heavenly kingdom. Tirumantira hymns may help readers and yoga practitioners to receive the cosmic truth. 202 astral-travel pictures with Tirumantira hymns, here depicted, are the cosmic carriers and star gates of your deep meditation to experience the cosmic secrets as next practice with Tirumular’s blessings, because Tirumular consciousness still revolves in our galaxy.

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