COSMIC SECRETS: A Journey with mystic Tirumular

An International book with 234 cosmic spirit art pictures of Tirumular's Tirumantiram, Universal wisdom deciphered and received by M. Namasivayam in deep meditative mood during 2000 - 2003,  is on its way.

Author: M. Namasivayam

Published by Tirumular Trust / to be printed in April 2018.

The Dance of Shiva by Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy in 1917

Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy was born in Colombo, Ceylon, now Sri Lanka 22 August 1877 − 9 September 1947) was a Eeala- Tamilian philosopher and meta-physician, as well as a pioneering historian and philosopher of Indian art, particularly art history and symbolism, and an early interpreter of Indian culture to the West.In particular, he is described as "the ground breaking theorist who was largely responsible for introducing ancient Indian art to the West."


His essays of the Dance of Siva helped many researchers to explore the cosmic dance of Siva upto CERN R & D, God's particle, here Tirumular Trust proudly presents his article of The dance of Siva to World citizen.