COSMIC SECRETS: A Journey with mystic Tirumular

An International book with 234 cosmic spirit art pictures of Tirumular's Tirumantiram, Universal wisdom deciphered and received by M. Namasivayam in deep meditative mood during 2000 - 2003,  is on its way.

Author: M. Namasivayam

Published by Tirumular Trust / to be printed in April 2018.


Tirumular Research and Development Foundation-TRDF, is the place where students, individuals, could enroll, unite and do research to experiment their inventions in association with leading national scientific organization and Universities .

What is Dialogue & Advocacy?

We, the Tirumular followers, Tirumantiram’s lovers worldwide share their views, understanding, scanning materials and sathsang. And we could do online forums on the book " Cosmic secrets: A journey with Mystic Tirumular" and Tirumular's consciousnes from Feb 2018.

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