COSMIC SECRETS: A Journey with mystic Tirumular

An International book with 200 cosmic sprit art pictures deciphered and received by M. Namasivayam in deep meditative mood during 2000 - 2003, hidden knowledge in Tirumular's Tirumantiram, is on its way.

Author: M. Namasivayam

Published by Tirumular Trust / Printed in Singapore.

Life Times of Tirumular

" Time was when I despised the body: But then I saw the God within. The Body I realized is the Lord’s temple; And so I began preserving it with care infinite. " - Tirumular

Tirumular Trust Archives

The Tirumular archive is infinite, fragmented, and scattered both geographically and institutionally. It is the Tirumular Trust imperative to document this vast resource, facilitate access to it, and promote its preservation and use.

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