COSMIC SECRETS: A Journey with mystic Tirumular

An International book with 234 cosmic spirit art pictures of Tirumular's Tirumantiram, Universal wisdom deciphered and received by M. Namasivayam in deep meditative mood during 2000 - 2003,  is on its way.

Author: M. Namasivayam

Published by Tirumular Trust / to be printed in April 2018.

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Secrecy of SivayaNama :

 The Supreme True One is Siva/Sakti (God/Goddess). This True One is the transcendent and Immanent One who encompasses all. He/She is both absolute and relative reality. The One is the absolute static reality which is beyond the Creation aspect and transcends the Subtle and material creation.

Siva as Sakti (Goddess) is the immanent pure consciousness or energy in it's dynamic aspect of existence. She is the power and substratum of all form. It is Sakti who energizes the spheres of creation at all levels. Therefore, creation in it's manifest form appears as a series of graded devolutions of the pure spirit, until it becomes the gross outer appearing physical sphere.

From this union of Siva/Sakti as static and dynamic consciousness, comes a third force. This force is between them and also issues forth from them. It is the spark of the first vibration. That vibration is known by many names. It is Nad or Sound. This is not a physical sound heard with physical ears, but the subtle un-manifested sound of creation. When this great creative energy is first released, it must manifest itself into created forms. The first manifestation is known as Bindu, which means "a point". It is this tight compactness of energy which is ready to produce. From it comes light, and from this light (and sound) everything devolves into the myriad creations of form.

Although there are other aspects of Siva/Sakti who have dominions within the many levels of creation, they are all only aspects of Siva/Sakti.

Thus it is Siva who performs the task of creation, preservation, and dissolution of forms. In similar fashion, He pervades all as light and darkness, sound and silence, and as body and life. It is the same in all creations, gross and subtle, in all the worlds in all the universes.

From this great oneness which is Siva/Sakti, came the founder of Yoga, the king of yogis, known simply as Siva. From him and an unbroken chain of Master Yogis who have followed, has come the rich yogic traditions of India. So rich, in fact, that great religious works with thousands of pages of commentaries upon those pages have been passed down to the present time. Some traditions were also passed only by word of mouth from teacher (guru) to student (chela).

Some of these great masters are still available to help the evolving human race today. Such a one first made contact with me in early 1992. To my amazement, he turned out to be none other than the SiddharTirumoolar, who authored one of the very early Tamil (south India) scriptural classics. It is known as TIRUMANDIRAM. This great spiritual system, set forth by Siddhar

Tirumoolar, later broadened into SaivaSiddhantam and it has played a large role in the history and development of Tamil culture in southern part of Bharatha continent, named India. This great classic has been translated into English.

The story behind TIRUMANDIRAM

(Tiru--holy, + mantiram--mantra)

Tirumoolar was a yogi by the name of Sundarar from the Mt. Kailas area of the Himalayas. He decided to undertake a journey to see a friend and fellow yogi. This friend resided in the Potheya Mountains of southern part of Bharatha continent, named Tamil Nadu. He was known as Yogi Agastyar. Nearing the end of his journey, near the village called Sathanur, near Tiruvaduthurai,  he saw a sight that deeply moved him. He noticed a herd of cows lowing miserably around the dead body of their cowherd, Mulan. This yogi who knew well..."AnbeSivam" (God is Love), felt he should do something to alleviate the suffering of these poor creatures. Through the use of his yogic powers, he put his body in a hollow log for safe keeping and then left it to enter the body of the dead Mulan. The cows were overjoyed to see their master returning to them. He then led them back to the village. After leaving them safely at home, he returned to the old log where he had left his body. He was shocked to find that his body had disappeared. This yogi remained in the cowherd's body and became famous for the verses he uttered when he occasionally would come out of Samadhi (contemplative absorption). In this fashion, 3000 verses were recorded, and these are now known as TIRUMANTIRAM.