COSMIC SECRETS: A Journey with mystic Tirumular

An International book with 234 cosmic spirit art pictures of Tirumular's Tirumantiram, Universal wisdom deciphered and received by M. Namasivayam in deep meditative mood during 2000 - 2003,  is on its way.

Author: M. Namasivayam

Published by Tirumular Trust / to be printed in April 2018.

What we do

Economic ability through Free Life-skills training & career counselling to rural students across India.


Leadership quality training


Rural women empowerment,


Power & water saving awareness, Preserving Ecology system,


Siddha, Ayurvedic Herbal medicinal plants cultivation


Village linked Tourism


We move for enlightening students to make them economical indepentanccy in association with CSR wing of Eyota Engineering Private Limited and Amanaasia.